Dennie Kids: August 8, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Sleeping in until after 7:30 and anxiously awaiting Mom to tell us to put on our bathing suits
  • Swimming at Lilly's pool-Reagan loves the freedom of her floatees (but doens't like going under), Anderson loves the water (but not the floatees), Graham is going to be a swimmer and loves the water and doesn't even mind getting his face wet
  • Having a snack at the pool and then a little more swimming before coming home
  • Sandwiches for lunch and then afternoon naps-Mom had one too but Dad worked on our trip plans
  • Candy and crackers after naps while watching a movie
  • Anderson not wanting to wear his shorts or underwear tonight and Reagan told him "you have to wear them, you don't want people to see your KNEES!"
  • Buying new car seats at Walmart along with some blueberries and strawberries (which made Reagan and Anderson so happy)
  • Supper at Cici's pizza-there was a big Scooby Doo ("maybe it's Scooby" Reagan said) character there. Graham fussed a little at first but then he just watched him around the restaurant, Anderson gave him five and Reagan declared that it was just a man dressed up and was not real because dogs walk on all their legs (he had seen better days but I hope she thinks that Elmo and Big Bird are real when we see them soon)
  • Reagan's favorite part of the day: getting her Minnie Mouse birthday party invitations
  • Anderson's favorite part of the day: going out to eat and riding a motorcycle and Reagan riding on the back

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