Dennie Kids: August 28, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • An early morning and we all just sat in the boys room and played until time to get ready
  • Breakfast-a toaster strudel for Anderson, pb&j for Reagan and muffin tops for Graham
  • Meeting Dad at the zoo for a quick trip around the zoo. The favorites were feeding the fish, rhinos and giraffes
  • Lunch at Taco Bell and everyone was hungry. Anderson even asked for more-Dad was going to buy him some more but Mom said no!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-after a few spankings for Anderson (he was tired and didn't want to get out of the van, started playing with the doors and running from Mom)
  • Helping Mom make a cake -Reagan enjoyed licking the bowl
  • Supper at Texas Roadhouse-Anderson ate about 4 rolls, Reagan had that much honey mustard dressing and Graham just took it all in with so much to look at
  • Reagan showing Mom a sign her teacher taught her and Mom asked if her teacher signs in her class (teacher is a deaf educator)-Reagan said "no, she can talk"
  • Haircuts for all of the boys-Dad cut Graham's hair so don't blame Mom! Anderson and Reagan thought he looked so funny and Dad was afraid that Mom was going to cry!
  • A few pictures and a much needed bath since there is hair everywhere in this house!

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