Dennie Kids: August 7, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • A lazy morning with everyone staying in their pajamas until after 10!
  • Graham enjoying wearing his new shoes-he even walked a little with them on
  • Lunch with Dad at Genghis-Dad kept telling us about the fire truck he saw and told us we could go and see it if we were good (they were out raising money)
  • But the fire truck was gone and Mom had to think quick to avoid a meltdown so she changed lanes and headed to McDonalds for some ice cream
  • But the line for McDs was all the way in the street so she pulled in to TCBY for some ice cream
  • Eating ice cream in the car to avoid tears-chocolate ice cream and Anderson's clothes do not mix! (Mom sprayed them and washed them as soon as we pulled into the driveway, but they will have to go to Nonna's for some spot removal)
  • Helping Mom clean out her closet-we weren't much help and were sent to naptime early!
  • Supper with Dad at Burger King and then a trip to Walmart
  • And hallelujah the firemen were there buying groceries and their big truck sat outside!
  • Dropping off a cake at Grandpa's house and playing with Lilly and Cash for a while before heading home
  • Anderson not wanting to come home, get out of the van, come inside, go upstairs, go potty or put on his pajamas-but he his happily singing his sister to sleep now!

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