December 1, 2009 - Eighth Doctor's Visit

My hope was that Phillips would say-let's just head next door to the hospital now.  But of course, all he said was "why don't you just pop these babies out like other women who are having their fourth?"  My blood pressure was great.  Whenever I chat with the nurse, it is always a tiny bit higher than I like so I kept my mouth closed today!  One of my tests did come back positive for Group B Strep which just means that I will get antibiotics on my IV.  So that is something different than before but not a big deal.  The heartbeat of the baby was 149 and he is still head down.  But other than that not much has changed so we will head back to the doctor next week-and we probably still won't get a date then (which starts pushing us too close to Christmas) but oh, well we can wait on Baby IV!

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