Dennie Kids: December 1, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another school morning-Reagan and Anderson were ready to go to class but Graham arched his back as soon as he saw Ms. Clarice
  • The highlight of coming and leaving school for Reagan and Anderson is getting to pull Graham's backpack-Graham can pull it himself (very slowly) so he doesn't like their help anymore
  • Reagan and Anderson are in the same early class and are usually the first ones there.  This morning another girl who usually comes early was there too and her mother sat her at the table to enjoy her Shipley's donut-while my kids just stared at her!  Actually, Reagan and Anderson didn't really seem to notice but Mom was livid!
  • A good day at school for everyone-they did call Mom wondering if he had pink eye.  Mom said no, he just has "nasty eye syndrome"-today was our last day of antibiotics so hopefully his ears are all better and his eyes will get better quick
  • Eating a 1/2 pound of fudge this afternoon-everyone even got their own knives so they could help Mom cut it-Reagan said that she "really loves fudge"
  • Supper out at McDonalds since everyone is very wild on school days they needed to run off a little energy
  • Dropping Grandpa's fudge off at his house and playing until bedtime-we were good and even helped picked up the toys
  • Coming home and pulling the first number out of our Christmas countdown and we can't wait to see Santa fall into our chimney
  • Did you see our ornament countdown?  Yesterday, Anderson and Dad were talking about the ornaments.  Anderson said that they trolley ornament was his favorite.  Dad asked if he had ever been on a trolley and Anderson replied "yes, at Daddy's work"-which is exactly right, we always get on and off of the trolley next to Dad's work
  • Mom went to the doctor today-check out that post here

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