Dennie Kids: March 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • The tooth fairy coming and leaving Reagan 5 dollars for her tooth.  Reagan was so thrilled she put it in her piggy bank and said she was going to save it.
  • Another big day-waking up and watching a Disney movie early this morning
  • Graham and Dad running a few errands to pick a cord and eggs
  • Campbell taking a nap while everyone helped clean the garage
  • Reagan helping Mom pick up the toys-she took it very seriously
  • Anderson and Reagan going to Caleb's birthday party at his church-slides, cake, games, cars to play with and the real fire trucks came-4 of them.  The fire alarm went off!  It was so loud that we had to go outside-but Caleb's mom (Anderson's school teacher) kept everyone entertained.  The kids actually loved it!
  • Meanwhile, Campbell and Graham had their afternoon naps and played tools with Dad
  • Jacob, Kennedy and Camryn coming over for supper and to play.  Everyone was very good-most of the time (there was one incident: Kennedy, Reagan, Anderson and Jacob jumping in Graham's baby bed)
  • Mom making delicious cinnamon rolls as part of supper.  She asked Anderson if it was good and he said "VERY good"
  • Graham going to bed right after everyone left-he was exhausted.  Reagan and Anderson watched one last movie to wind down before bed

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