Dennie Kids: March 6, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Even though everyone stirred multiple times through the night and all 4 kids starting waking up around 5, we did manage to lay around until nearly 9
  • Then we hurried off to Caleb's birthday party-there were slides, climbing, basketball, roller seats and roller skates (which is harder work for Mom than for Reagan or Anderson)
  • Coming home and Dad starting to get sick so everyone hid out in the den and played outside then Mom took Campbell to the baby shower she was going to while the other kids slept
  • More playing outside after nap time and then going out to eat (Dad was feeling much, much better-maybe it was just last nights pizza)
  • Coming home and Reagan saying she didn't feel good-and she didn't!  It must be Anderson's stomach bug- it continues to strike-3 down and now 3 to go!
  • Anderson and Mom running an errand while Dad was holding down the fort-not so well! 
  • All is well now-Dad going to sleep on the couch (so maybe Mom won't get it), Campbell in her bathroom/bedroom, Graham sleeping peacefully in his bed, Reagan sleeping with Mom in her bed (she is okay now but pretty pitiful acting) and Anderson in Mom's floor in his sleeping bag (he thinks it is awesome that he is having a sleepover in Mom's room!)

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