Dennie Kids: March 29, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • A restful night-Campbell waking up at 3 and then at 7, followed by Graham.  Graham put his face right in front of Moms (she was still dozing in the bed) and said “hi”
  • Reading our Bible story, new books from Grannymom and some of our library books while eating donuts for breakfast.  Anderson devoured 2 donuts before Reagan finished 1/2 of hers
  • Counting eggs and putting candy in them for school tomorrow-Mom saw at the last second that 1/2 of the bag she bought had peanut butter in them so she had to eat them!
  • Grannymom coming over to pick up the big kids-they played, rode bikes, went on a walk, had lunch and hid Easter eggs.  Graham and Anderson were getting sleepy by the time that Mom came
  • Campbell and Mom stayed at home cleaning the house, changing out Graham’s clothes and just hanging out!
  • Everyone coming in and going straight to bed after a long afternoon of playing
  • Reagan and Anderson working in their workbooks when they woke up-Anderson did his 2 pages and then was finished until Graham grabbed his book.  Then Anderson decided that he needed to do quit a few more pages
  • Waiting on Dad to come home with supper and hearing a chainsaw but not being able to see it
  • Dad coming in and telling the boys that the neighbor across the street was having his tree cut-the chainsaw was at the top of the tree and we couldn’t see it from inside the house-they scurried outside to see it.  Graham was a little concerned but Reagan and Anderson could have watched it forever
  • A late supper and then playing until bedtime.  Campbell grinned and smiled all day long at Mom.  She also has started to coo whenever you talk to her.

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