Dennie Kids: March 4, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham and Campbell waking up at 5:50 this morning-way too early!  But that was the longest that Campbell has slept at night-from 12 to 5:50 (almost all night!)
  • Reagan and Anderson waking up next and were up next and ready quick enough to have some toast but still finished it in the car
  • Graham fussing as usual when Dad dropped him off
  • Campbell having a great day with Nonna and Pops-she ate, slept, had a little bath, ate and slept some more
  • Mom getting that dreaded Mother's Day Out phone call: Anderson was sick.  The whole way to school she was praying that they had called the wrong mom but no, it was her Anderson.  He acted pretty pitiful with Mom but perked up when he saw Reagan
  • His sweet sister finding an M&M for him in the car which didn't sit too well on his tummy.  Thank goodness Mom handed him a bag before leaving school. 
  • Coming home and before Reagan got out of the van, she used the hand sanitizer and put some on Graham's hands
  • A bath for the boys (Anderson needed one but Graham started saying "bath, bath, bath" the minute Mom told Anderson he was headed to the tub)
  • Reagan making Anderson a precious get well card-which he threw down on the floor!  He later apologized (Mom did make him though).  But Reagan didn't seem to care to much
  • Graham finding a piece of paper on the floor and Mom saw him trying to stick it on his back like the nametags at church.  So she gave him a sticker and he put that on his back too!  Poor kid won't ever know where to put a sticker
  • Nonna and Pops bringing Campbell back home-she stayed at Nonna's house until they ran low on bottles and diapers
  • A tiny bit of supper for Anderson-he had been begging to eat and drink for hours but Mom kept distracting him
  • Playing and watching movies tonight while Mom was at class meeting
  • Everyone going to bed feeling good (hopefully, that will continue throughout the night!) but Campbell staying up now watching a little American Idol

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