Dennie Kids: March 17, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham deciding that green  milk didn't sit well with him so he needed a change of sheets right after Mom and Dad went to bed-and then he couldn't get back to sleep without his taggie and foxy (in the wash)
  • Campbell and Mom getting ready for her 3 month Nutrition Center visit
  • Campbell now weighs 12 pounds and does not like the brain lab.  She fussed, then she went to the bathroom and then she fell asleep.  We couldn't wake her up so we let her doze for a few minutes before waking her up and surprise, we don't have to repeat brain lab
  • Psych testing for Campbell too-they said she is the most brilliant baby they have ever seen (or they said something like that)
  • Nonna staying with Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  She brought a big breakfast for us to eat and it was delicious.  She made eggs for us-but they weren't green like Moms
  • Anderson getting in trouble with Nonna-she even made him sit in time out and then go to his room!  Graham probably spent the morning screaming (like he does with Mom) and when Mom asked Reagan how she acted, she said "PRETTY good"
  • Working on a sign to welcome home Grannymom and Grandpa before naptime
  • Long naps for everyone and then getting our green clothes on to go to church
  • Dad coming home to ride with us and eating a huge amount of our corndogs for supper
  • Reagan and Anderson hearing a familiar voice in puppets during Cubbies.  During Cubbies, Reagan sees Mom and Dad in the hallway every time she changed classes and loves to wave at them
  • Anderson seeing a close up picture of a golf ball and telling Mom that we have been there-he was talking about Epcot!
  • Home for a snack before bed-Campbell is still up laying on the couch with her hands over her eyes!

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