Dennie Kids: March 26, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Graham woke up around the same time Mom and Dad were going to bed (1:30) so he briefly got to lay in their bed…until Campbell started to wake up.  Graham wasn’t happy about going back to his bed so he was taken downstairs and slept like a baby down there
  • Reagan waking up and feeling pretty battered and bruised after the dentist.  She had bit the inside of her cheek pretty good and it looks pretty rough.  Though she sure didn’t want Mom to give her any medicine
  • Everyone playing with cars while Mom had a shower and then heading downstairs for breakfast and a Bible Story (we are trying to read one every day-but most days it just seems that Reagan listens.  Anderson does perk up when anything exciting happens though)
  • More playing downstairs while Campbell ate and then we unsuccessfully attempted to play Yahtzee (Graham didn’t understand that other people needed a turn and Anderson’s attention span is 3 minutes)
  • Trying a trip to the library again since last time was a success.  Not so much this time, Anderson and Graham found Lincoln Logs and started using them as drum sticks.  After that was cleaned up, Graham likes to push the books all the way in on the bookshelves, Anderson pulls zillions out trying to find his book, Reagan only wanted books about her favorite TV show and Campbell became hungry!  We didn’t stay too long (Mom might have even heard applause as we left!)
  • Lunch while watching the movie they picked from the library and then afternoon naps
  • Playing outside while waiting on Dad and then heading to McDonalds for supper
  • Sliding and climbing after supper and then sitting in the car while Mom ran into Target
  • Eating ice cream before bed.  This afternoon Dad said “let’s party” while on the phone to Mom.  Reagan overheard and asked if they were going to the party too.  Mom said it was a family party at McDonalds.  On the way there, she asked if we were having ice cream.  Mom said probably not but then Reagan told Mom that a party had ice cream and we were having a party and we HAD to have ice cream.  So Mom bought some at Target!
  • Graham demanding to sleep downstairs and Reagan and Anderson are too worried about what we are doing tomorrow that they are having a hard time sleeping but Campbell is snoozing away!

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