Dennie Kids: August 2, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson waking up way too early again this morning (and Campbell woke up some time in the middle of the night-Mom was so disoriented that she caved and gave her a bottle before she knew what she had done)
  • Dad felt sorry for us this morning and volunteered to take Graham to the doctor for his check up early this morning so we wouldn’t all have to go
  • Reagan and Anderson requiring all of Mom’s attention while G was gone.  We played a game, worked in our workbooks, read a few books and just hung out.  Mom thinks that Campbell enjoys listening to stories-she just sits and watches everything-wish that Graham would still still for stories like her
  • Graham doing very well at the doctor-he was pretty shy but only cried for a minute after his shot.  He didn’t even have to drink his milk.  He was rewarded with a trip to Sam’s though I don’t think they had ice cream (as is our after shot tradition)  Update: Just saw the pictures and he did get his ice cream
  • When Graham came home, Mom was asking him about his shot.  She asked if he got a shot and then asked what he said.  Graham replied with “thank you”
  • Lunch and then watching a few movies before naptime.  After nap, the boys wanted to go and check the mail with Mom.  Needless to say, by the time we found and put on shoes, it was 20 minutes later.  And we didn’t even bother putting shorts on Anderson.  We all made it to the bottom of the front steps, when Anderson said that he was going back inside because it was too hot.
  • Everyone is still playing with Graham’s new birthday gifts.  Anderson has even started calling them “his new trucks”  The kids played very well today while Dad was home-I think they were putting on a show for him!
  • Eating a few bites of supper at McDonalds and then playing until it was time to come home.  Graham immediately started saying “no want go home” so Dad drove around for a few minutes.  Each time it looked like we were heading home, Graham would start screaming again. 
  • Ice cream before bed.  While they were eating, Mom was reviewing tomorrow with them.  She told them that there would be a lot of kids at Grannymom’s tomorrow and asked what they needed to do.  Mom was trying to get them to say obey or listen.  But Anderson said “stay still”-which would be helpful as well.

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