Dennie Kids: August 1, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson and Dad made a very early donut run.  Dad asked if Anderson wanted to go and he did ONLY if he could bring his milk along
  • Everyone having lots of donut tops (yes, the tops of the donuts is all we eat around here) before getting our church clothes on
  • Graham walking into his class fairly well with only a scream.  Mom and Dad spent time in Anderson’s class today-wow, those boys in there are wild!  Graham came in and one other boy and him started bugging each other-it was pretty funny Graham taking on a 3 year old! (and he would have one had we let them fight it out!)
  • Celebrating Jenna’s birthday at Grannymom’s house.  Uncle Brad helped feed Graham and he ate and ate.  Before presents, all of the kids played “duck, duck, goose”-the new favorite game.  Campbell enjoyed watching all of the excitement
  • Belle coming in for a little bit to cool off before nap time-Reagan was very interested in her, Anderson could care less and Graham stood around squealing and screaming
  • After nap, Graham kept saying something that Dad didn’t understand and wasn’t going to get out of bed.  Reagan, the interpreter, finally came to Dad’s rescue and explained that Graham was saying “woof woof” and wanted to know about Belle
  • A quick supper and then back to church.  Kaleigh gave Anderson a car silly band-so maybe he now has a girlfriend!
  • Supper at Cracker Barrel where Mom and Dad spent most of the meal picking up stuff off of the floor-napkins, colors, game pieces, silverware, water-Campbell even got in on the act and threw her paci, toy and bottle down
  • And at supper, Reagan shared some good news with Mom: “Mom will keep getting older and older and then she will be old and die!”  What a great start for a new week for Mom!

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