Dennie Kids: August 4, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone up early enough to make muffins from Reagan’s new cookbook.  They all worked hard but lost interest by the time Mom was scooping the batter in the pan
  • Playing train with all of the kitchen chairs and then eating breakfast while having an indoor picnic-no breakfast was eaten since no one but Mom liked the muffins (they were very good though)
  • Putting on bathing suits and heading to the pool to meet Lilly, Cash and Grannymom-it is amazing how quickly they can put on their bathing suits but it takes forever to put on clothes
  • Swimming, swimming and more swimming.  Campbell loves to kick her feet and Graham loves it for Mom to throw him up high and then he comes down with a splash.  Anderson is almost independent with his floaties now and Reagan loves swimming
  • Grannymom giving everyone 2 popsicles and then the Dennie’s coming home for naps.  After naps, Mom checked everyone for sunburns-the kids looked fine but Mom must have forgotten her sunscreen because she is burnt!
  • Books, movies and toys before supper.  Mom and Dad are always amazed at what the kids will eat-today they cleaned their plates full of enchiladas
  • Playing (apparently unsupervised) this evening-sliding down the steps on Anderson’s comforter and then jumping off of Mom’s bed and jumping over who ever was laying in the floor!

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