Dennie Kids: August 9, 2010

Making cookies with Dad!

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Laundry, breakfast, clothes on, stories and making our letter F before leaving the house this morning
  • Anderson and Graham walking around with Pops and exploring the pool tables and stages at church-very exciting.  They even had a cookie and a few elevator rides-what more could a boy ask for?
  • Campbell coming with Mom and Reagan to meet Reagan’s new teacher at church-Ms. Stacy.  Reagan showed her her collection box and even spoke to her teacher.  Reagan was very impressed with the centers and having to wear the clips when you were in each center
  • Coming home for more playing, play dough, working in our workbooks and even more reading-Mom is starting to read us a big chapter book (Little House on the Prairie)
  • A picnic lunch and then playing and a few movies until naptime.  Reagan even practiced reading Mom all of her “reading books” before nap
  • Supper and then Reagan getting to make cookies with Dad.  Poor Anderson didn’t touch his supper so he didn’t get to help and he didn’t get to eat any.  He sobbed when we started eating ours but then he didn’t seem to care
  • Graham and Anderson riding bikes in the garage-at least I hope they are riding bikes…better go check!
  • Campbell playing with a ball and Reagan is busy retrieving it each time it rolls away.  Campbell just kicks her feet when Reagan hands her the ball
  • Graham practicing walking up and down the steps while wearing high heel shoes (not Mom’s but Reagan’s) while saying “not a lady”

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