Dennie Kids: August 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • This morning was Reagan’s first day to go to school all by herself…we remembered to take her snack for her class but we forgot her own breakfast.  Her 1 toast jelly sandwich and 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (no toast) was made and sitting ready to go but we still forgot it.  Dad did swing by Burger King on the way so she wouldn’t be starving.
  • Graham was not very pleased at all about Dad and Reagan leaving this morning.  He stood by the front door screaming for about 10 minutes.  When he would hear Mom go out to the garage he would ask “Rea Rea here?”  Mom had to start warning him that she was about to go to the garage so he didn’t get upset.
  • Mom had to adjust to having only 3 kids with her this morning.  The boys stick right beside Mom, if she goes upstairs then they go upstairs, if she goes down, they follow.  Since they were right there, she was able to start most arguments, fights and screaming fits before they started…so she was able to get quite a bit done.
  • Graham and Anderson spent most of the morning working on their train track.  Anderson did spent quite a bit of time putting on his clothes.  He does NOT want to put on his clothes.  He just wants to wear his pajamas, all day, everyday!  After nap, when he went to the bathroom, he came back downstairs wearing his pajamas!
  • Dad picking Reagan up from school.  She said she had had a good day-we already knew that because Pops had been to check on her and said she was reading a story.  When they came home, Mom had everyone lunch and then we all read 4 long stories.
  • Next was more play time until it was almost nap.  Campbell stayed up for Reagan’s reading lesson and the boys went quickly to sleep.  Graham now has the cough that Anderson and Campbell had so he spent some of nap time coughing.  Reagan has it a tiny bit but she hardly ever gets sick
  • Working on workbooks, reading more stories, watching movies and eating snacks this afternoon.  When Dad came home, Mom even had supper ready so we ate and then played train.  This made Anderson’s day to have the whole family playing train
  • We then walked through Kroger to see if there was any good deals-the kids were ecstatic when Mom bought them “drink yogurt”  Dad had also let them pick out a box of brownies and when we came home they picked the yogurt for their snack.  Dad could not believe it!

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