Dennie Kids: August 21, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) (click here for a video)

  • Poor Reagan waking up screaming in the middle of the night, she was having a dream that an alligator was getting her and she even said she bit herself.  After she woke up screaming the second time, Mom let her sleep in bed with her.  Mom eventually asked Reagan if she could hear Dad snoring, Reagan said yes, so Mom asked if she wanted to go back to her bed and Reagan said yes!
  • If Mom and Dad were able to tell the kids that they would play on jumpies if they hurried and got ready, they would always get ready in a flash.  As soon as Mom mentioned the jumpies everyone started rushing around taking off their clothes on.  Graham immediately started jumping to practice
  • As Mom was getting on her clothes and only had on her shorts and sports bra, Reagan told her that she couldn’t wear that because people would laugh.  She is such an encourager!  Ha!
  • Arriving at church and finding Nonna and then scoping out the race.  The kids were ready for their tot trot to start and couldn’t wait.  They hung out with Nonna, Grannymom and Grandpa.  They waved at Mom and Dad as they passed both times and even had a snack before cheering Mom and Dad on at the finish
  • Mom and Dad finished in just over 32 minutes-they were pleased since they usually don’t run outside or up a hill or in the middle of the summer!  Their goal was 30 minutes so not to bad-Mom had been trying to get the kids to understand that the goal was to run, exercise and have fun and it didn’t matter if you were the first one finished-just so that you finished.
  • Enjoying apples, gatorade, water and oranges at the finish line while Mom and Dad cooled off.  Campbell was tired of the excitement and fell asleep but the others were gearing up for their big race.  First, there was time to jump in the jumpies for a few minutes.  After a few jumps, the dunking booth was calling Reagan and Anderson’s name.  Anderson was first to dunk Jeremy and Reagan was ready to dunk him next.  The poor guy probably fell into the water 5 times while the big Dennie 3 were throwing the balls
  • Barely making it in time to run in the tot trot, but we made it.  There was about 30 kids and they took off and then it was quickly over.  Reagan and Anderson ran with all of their might.  Dad had to encourage, push, and drag Graham but he was so pleased to get his medal.  They were all so excited to wear their medals and show them to everyone
  • Next we ran to Sonic for a celebratory drink.  When we made it home, we had about 15 minutes for 5 people to get their showers and leave for Cash’s party.  The big 3 kids all had their showers outside with soap and the water hose (we are classy folks)  It is the quickest way to do it.  Dad washed the kids while Mom took her shower and then Mom dried and put their clothes on while Dad took his shower.
  • Running out of the house and forgetting Cash’s present and having to run back to get it and still only ending up being just a few minutes late.  Cash’s pirate party was lots of fun.  Graham was the first one that wanted to get his face painted and his pirate hat on.  Campbell enjoyed wearing her pirate hat.  Reagan and Anderson didn’t want anything to do with face painting or hats.
  • They played “pin the patch” on the pirate and then ate lunch which included pirate jello.  Afterwards, it was time to open presents-everyone ooohed and aaahed as he opened them and there was even ooohing and aaawing going on before he opened them.  It was quite entertaining.
  • After cake, the kids had a pirate treasure map to find not-so-well hidden treasure throughout the house.  The kids came home with a treasure chest full of candy, swords and eye patches.  Anderson even got a pirate mustache right before we left.
  • After coming home the kids were pretty calm and played around for a few minutes before taking afternoon naps.  Naps for everyone except Mom and Dad who went through all of our toys and have decided that we can no longer accept gifts for birthday and Christmas and will only accept cash donations! 
  • Supper at Burger King and then walking around Walmart in Maumelle-it was an empty store tonight so we walked around every aisle of the toys and even had Dad buy us some cookies.
  • Cookies, milk and a movie before bedtime.  It was a busy, busy day!

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