Dennie Kids: October 11, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Reading late last night that Graham had a very good day at church.  His friend Ruthie grabbed his cheeks and gave him a great big kiss.  It said that afterwards he was embarrassed and put his hands over his eyes but he had a great big smile!  Dad asked him about it first thing this morning and he grinned and again put his hands over his eyes!
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell going to Grannymom’s house while Mom and Reagan went to the pumpkin patch.  Grannymom said that they had to put on their clothes and take of their pjs to go outside and before she was finished talking Graham had his shirt over his head. 
  • Anderson and Graham enjoyed swinging and riding scooters most of the morning long.  Campbell was content just watching the boys and being outside.  She did eat some of a banana Grannymom had given her but she gagged tonight on the green beans that Mom has been given her (Mom did sneak in some peas-she has opened the can so now they need to be eaten).  Campbell is taking a while to get the whole real food thing down-though Ms. Sonya gave her a goldfish at church.  Maybe we should get our crackers out.
  • Reagan having a great time at the pumpkin patch-bouncy, slide, swing, hay, hayride, shootout, maze, snack, picking out a pumpkin.  Reagan wanted Mom to be no more than 2 feet away from her during the day.  She did forget about Mom for awhile when she was playing with her new friend Emmie.
  • Eating lunch at Grannymom’s house and then heading right home for naps.  Campbell fell asleep on the way home but by the time Mom got everyone else asleep Campbell was waking up.  The big 3 did read a story, a bible story, work on their Awana verses, potty and drink some milk before bed.  Then Reagan and Mom worked on her reading book so nap time takes awhile!
  • Reagan helping Mom clean the bathrooms and then clean Campbell’s little house.  Reagan was so proud of herself for teaching Campbell to turn on the light on her toy.  Then her and Anderson watched a movie and worked on their workbooks while Graham colored.  Next, we all went outside and played-until we were too dusty that we had to come in for a shower
  • Taking a shower and trying to beat Dad home but he beat us-which was fine because he helped out.  Next was supper and then some cleaning-one thing led to another and Mom and Dad ended up moving picture albums and books around the house.  Reagan even got in on the act-she went through her bookshelf picking out books to go downstairs.
  • Dad reading a book and then it was time for bed…Anderson said that he couldn’t go to sleep because of his shadow when he lifted his head. Mom just told him to keep his head down!

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