Dennie Kids: October 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Four kids were ready to get their clothes on for the pumpkin patch this morning.  It was pretty hay filled last time with Mom and Reagan, so Anderson got to do his plug in breather before we came this morning
  • Campbell is feeling much better and is now sleeping all night (at least Mom and Dad think she is-they are sleeping all night though)  She was up and dressed in time to eat a whole container of yogurt and quite a few cheerios-she picks them up and gets them in her mouth as quickly as Mom can pass them out
  • Arriving at the pumpkin patch and the kids were in heaven.  They were all off to jump on the jumpy first.  When we came home Graham recalled that it was a barn shaped jumpy.  Next stop was briefly the swings and then the pedal tractors.
  • We also walked through the animal area-goats, chickens, ducks, a dog, mini horses and a few sheep.  Graham was very intrigued with the horses and even stood on the back of his tractor to see them
  • Mom made sure that we were the first ones of the hay ride and even sat on the left side so we could see the deer and bears.  They didn’t do the shootout today (Mom was a bit disappointed) but we did stop at the maze.  Anderson had been wondering about the trap door Reagan had told him about and talking about it all week long.  Mom didn’t think that he would do it by himself but after one walk through with the family, he was on his own!  When we came home, he told Mom that he went through and even helped people through the maze.  He said “they even said my name ‘follow Anderson’ is what they said.”  He was so proud of himself!
  • Reagan was into picking out a pumpkin for her and her brothers and we left with a stroller full of pumpkins.  When we made it home and especially after a few climbs in the hay, it was time for a bath for everyone.
  • Dad then went on to work and we finished lunch.  Somehow, more food than Mom had put onto plates ended up on the floor, so the kitchen was closed for a while so Mom could mop.  Mom might have even kept the kitchen closed for a very, very long time so everyone would stay in the den
  • Next we read many, many library books.  Graham was tired so he set through them all.  He was sitting close to Reagan and would even lay his head on her shoulder every once in awhile
  • Naps, then working on our letter Ls, then a movie and snack and after a little bit of play time, it was time for supper.  Dad needed to pick up something (a rather large thing) at Home Depot so the kids had to put on their pajamas for the store.  Mom even found a rug that she wanted (it is her early Christmas present)
  • Everyone lined up and watched Dad and Grandpa unload the truck and then made cookies for a bedtime snack.  The boys and Reagan helped Mom with her rug and then bedtime.

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