Dennie Kids: October 26, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Thanks Uncle Jason for the extra pictures from Reagan’s choir debut (click here for pictures)

  • Mom and Dad remembered to take everyone to school today.  Graham fussed, Campbell didn’t, Reagan had to sign into her class (they are practicing writing) and Anderson walked right in when he was asked to feed the fish.  As Mom left, she heard him making the teacher guess what he had for breakfast and then telling her that the plants needed watering
  • Nonna picking up Reagan and Anderson and they spent most of the afternoon playing outside.  They did make it over to Papaw’s house and asked for candy (they must have thought it was halloween already).  Papaw didn’t have any so he gave them some ice cream.  When he had to pick up Beebee, he went to the story and also picked up some candy for Reagan and Anderson (spoiled by grandparents and great grandparents)
  • Mom picking up Graham and Campbell from school.  Campbell’s teachers were impressed with her new crawling skills and it sounded like Campbell had a good day but was in need of a nap.  Graham’s teacher said that he scarfed down his lunch-Mom will have to send him the same thing on Thursday
  • Campbell taking a nap while Graham and Mom played and played.  They played outside until Graham said he was ready to go in, played trains and trucks, had a snack, played with play doh, make a sticker picture and even read books.  While they were reading books, Mom’s eyes got very heavy and she closed them-the next thing she knew Graham was lifting her eye lids and saying “hey”
  • Nonna and Pops dropping off Reagan and Anderson and things got crazy around here.  Campbell didn’t seem to notice-she was busy crawling from the front door to the train table (where oh where are those gates?) 
  • Back to the craziness-Graham destroyed the train table, Anderson bit, Reagan screamed-madness.  So Mom and Dad decided to go out to eat.  With just a few minutes buckled in the car, the kids can get very calm (Mom loves that).  They were extra calm after playing at McDonalds.
  • Ice cream and books before bed.  Everyone put their pajamas on quickly without fussing.  Reagan and Anderson went to sleep immediately and Graham keeps stirring asking for more water!  My, he will have a wet bed in the morning.

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