Dennie Kids: October 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

(click here for a video of Reagan singing)

  • On the way to church we stopped by Burger King for our cinna minis.  Campbell noticed that all the kids were eating but her and she started smacking her lips.  Mom and Dad commented about how pitiful it was but she soon stopped and they forgot about it.  When we got to church Mom opened Campbell’s door and saw why she had stopped smacking-she was busy eating her own cinna mini thanks to her brother Graham
  • Dad spending the morning in Graham’s class while Mom was in with the tiny babies.  As we were about to leave the preschool area, Graham started shouting about his shoe.  It was missing.  We looked around, Dad started scouring the halls and we eventually found it in his class. 
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and Lilly and Cash were there.  After lunch, they played outside until it was time to go home for a nap.  Dad ran a few errands during lunch-he was going to run one right before church with the boys but opted to do it earlier
  • Dad doing the errand earlier turned out to be a good thing.  Just as Mom made it to church with the girls, the weather turned very dark.  Mom’s class had to briefly move to the hallway and the lights blinked a few times. 
  • Meanwhile, at home Dad and the boys were outside cutting up boxes when they heard the sirens go off.  Dad ushered everyone in and when he heard the words “430-630” and “Bowman” he decided that it was time to sit at the bottom of the stairs with a few pillows.  The boys handled it great-since they had skittles and milk
  • It was baby dedication at church and Laynie was right up front.  The boys were sitting with us waiting on Reagan to sing and they could hardly stand it they were so excited to see Laynie and then to see Reagan
  • Graham was sitting in big church (being very quiet and stiller than his brother).  The preacher was praying and in the middle Graham decided that he should be finished and offered up his “Amen”
  • Reagan’s choir sang and she was absolutely thrilled to see Mom and Dad sitting there on the front smiling at her (only spot for them to sit).  They sang a few songs and she was quite proud of herself. 
  • Graham snuck out with Dad when it was time for the preaching which left Mom was Anderson and Reagan.  Since we were right on the very front, there was a mic laying on the seat near Anderson-a 3 year old boy in an arms reach of a microphone is not a good thing.  He spent his time during church using Mom’s pencil as a gun and Mom spent her time during church threatening him with a spanking!
  • Mom’s thoughts from church tonight:
    • “Oh, we are way too close, how did we get up here?”
    • “We are so close it is kind of like sitting back stage”
    • “Is that preacher going to drop those babies?  I can’t look”
    • “Nothing is funnier than watching a children’s choir director sing with their choir”

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