July 3, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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The morning started with Robby doing some work, and then we went on a walk-I thought we were just walking the camping loop, but we kept going and walked to the front offices, then we walked to the swimming pool area, then we walked through the group camp area, and then finally we followed the road back to our campsite. Thankfully, it wasn't that hot but it was humid, and we were pretty sticky when we came back in.

We then had a little bit of lunch before leaving again to see Pawhuska. They were in full swing getting ready for tomorrow's 4th celebration. People were hanging lights, setting up tables, moving tents, and hanging banners-they have a street blocked off as well.

We made the entire block looking at everything that we could see-when we stopped to take a picture at the sign at the end of town, a lady stopped her car to ask if we wanted a picture all together. That was incredibly nice.

We then went in Pioneer Woman's Mercantile. The boys went upstairs and found a spot to sit, while I took my time and browsed through the store. Soon it was time for us to eat-we only had to wait 45 minutes even though it was like 2:30. 

Whitman ordered mac and cheese which he rated with a 7.5. Robby and I split their chicken tenders (very good), tortialla soup (also very good, but it is summer so you can't be crazy about soup in the summer). and we also bought an order of their corn casserole (it was just plain). Oh, and we were also served biscuits, butter and strawberry jelly before the meal which was all very delicious.

The next stop was a walk through the Pioneer Woman Collections store. This store is new, and it houses her Walmart line of things. It is kind of neat to see her furniture and all. I like Pioneer Woman things, but I didn't buy anything on this trip. We do go back tomorrow so I may change my mind, but nothing spoke to me today.

Of course, we needed to just sample Charlie's Ice Cream shop. Robby ordered two scoops for Whitman, and the lady kindly asked if we were sure. She said that they were pretty big-she said just see after one scoop if you want more. For one scoop, she scooped and scooped and scooped-most places would have considered that 3 scoops of ice cream.

One scoop was plenty for him, but not for us but that left us in a quandary since we wanted 3 flavors but didn't need 3 scoops. The worker said that she can do half scoops so that is what we did-1 peanut butter scoop, 1/2 oreo, and 1/2 cookie dough. We sat outside at a picnic table and ate our ice cream. It was delicious!

We then drove all through town seeing the sites-there aren't many. Back at the campground, we got out of the car and explored a little look out tower. We saw the two biggest lizards I have ever seen. They were probably 10 inches long from nose to tail. One actually took off running at me-and I took off running as well!

Back at the camper, as I was taking Bentley out to potty, Robby saw a tarantula right by my feet. We then watched Robby shoo the thing way away from our camper with a broom. I have just about had all the wildlife I need.

We then watched the beach campers walk through the supper line on Instagram live. We saw Campbell quite often on the video, but we again missed Keaton at supper. She did do the super high swinging thing at the amusement park last night. Someone gave her a ticket, and I know that she loved every minute of it. We also saw Anderson in the video-and the back of his shirt was drenched in sweat! Drenched! And earlier in the day, we saw a picture of the seniors since they go to go out to eat for lunch.

When the live stream was over, we loaded up (even Bentley) to go and walk the Falls Creek trail. It was just a short little trail, but it came out at a part of a river-in the spring it would probably have falls, but there was just a drip right now. We still explored a little bit, but now we have checked the camper for lizards and tarantulas and are in for the night after one more quick walk around the loop with Bentley.

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