July 9, 2024

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  • My list wasn't as long today, but it was a good thing because I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I would have wanted to. I did my morning things, and the big boys went to play Top Golf with some friends. Then they went to watch one friend buzz his hair so I was fully expecting Graham or Anderson to come home with less hair. That is one thing I would be a bit shocked about, but also I would be fine with-pick your battles.
  • Reagan and Whitman had check ups today. Reagan abhors the doctor and never would willingly go. Since she has come home from Beach Camp she has been saying that her ear it stopped up. I offered drops that I had, but she refused and said that it didn't hurt.
  • However, she said that when the doctor looked in her ear today, she was shocked at how bad it really was. She questioned Reagan a few times about if it really did hurt. They prescribed her 3 medicines (though Sams was out of one which I will get tomorrow), so hopefully she will be all fixed up before flying on Saturday.
  • Reagan only had 1 shot while Whitman had to get 3 plus a finger prick. He did fine with all of that, but he was referred to GI. He has reflux quite often so she prescribed him some meds and said he should go and see a GI doctor. 
  • Before the doctor, we ran to Grannymom's house and afterwards we picked up pants for Whitman at Old Navy (which didn't fit) so we will have to return tomorrow to exchange and try them on. 
  • Then we went to Sams to pick up their medicine. It was strange to me that Reagan had never said that her ear hurt, until she told me that maybe a pretzel while waiting on her medicine would make it not hurt. She got a pretzel and even a dress from Old Navy-I'm just a softee.
  • When we came home, I did one school thing for Campbell. I'm really just adding more work for her, but I think this is worthwhile so we will make it work. Then we had some supper-Graham made himself a chicken breast in the air fryer. He really liked it so I figure that he will be making that all the time now. 
  • Reagan went to Bible study tonight, and then went to play pickle ball with some friends. Robby had settled in on the the couch when the Wilson's called to ask if we wanted to go on a walk. We walked near Chenal and almost walked 3 miles. 

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