July 1, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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It was another good day here in Northwest Arkansas. I took Bentley on a short little walk this morning, before we left for the Amazeum. It is a bit like our Museum of Discovery, the Wonderplace in Little Rock, and the awesome Philadelphia kid's museum all rolled into one. 

We were able to get in free with the reciprocal admission from our Museum of Discovery which made it even better. Whitman was just almost too big for the Amazeum, but it still had some things that he enjoyed. He was fascinated with the tornado and smoke things which they used to have at our museum and no longer do.

He is just the most easygoing kid, and I definitely think that he enjoyed wandering around the museum today. When we finished, we stopped by a gas station to buy him a drink and some candy. I know I have said it again, but he is just a bit spoiled.

We then came back to the camper and relaxed a little bit, Robby did the laundry while I read a little bit, and I might possibly have had a nap. Robby then folded most of the laundry before I realized what he was doing since I would have helped. 

Once the laundry was finished, we all loaded up, including Bentley, and drove to pick up supper. We had Tacos for Life for supper, and even though Robby and I split our meal, I am stuffed. Whitman had a quesadilla and said that it was just about as good as Nonna's quesadilla.

After we ate, Robby and I took Bentley on a little walk, and now we  have the second half of the Frank Lloyd Wright documentary to watch. Before we watch the show, I will take a shower-my eyes have been so incredibly itchy up here. This happens a few times a year at home, so it is just allergies, but we had to stop today for more eye drops for me. Maybe our move tomorrow will help a bit more too.

The other 5 left last night around 11 to travel to Panama City. Graham had an air tag in his bag, so Robby was able to see their progress as they moved own the road. Around 7:30, we started seeing credit card charges for their breakfast-we make a game of guessing who each charge is (4.53 from McDonalds, 6.87 from ChickFilA, 11.24 from ChickFilA) It is fun to guess who spend what, then Robby goes to his account and looks it up so we can see who was right.

We also played this game at lunch today when they were eating once again. Anderson just uses his own cash instead of the credit card-he did that last year too. I was trying to explain to Keaton before they left to use the credit card and just keep her cash for emergencies. I probably didn't use the best terms when I said, "Just use the credit card as much as you can." Robby was quick to pop out of his office and say "not as much as you can, but for just what you need." 

We saw them all walk through the supper line at camp as well. Graham was the only one who spoke or even looked at the camera. He did say "hi, mom!" so he is currently my favorite. I could also see Shannon and Tony serving up food so I know the kids were well fed. 

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