July 7, 2024

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  • We moved around pretty quickly this Sunday morning. Whitman always hops out of bed quickly when Robby wakes him up for church. He came through and was dressed and on the couch when I went to double check that people were awake upstairs.
  • Keaton thought it was icy cold in church again, but thankfully I was not as cold as I was a few weeks ago. Then we headed to Sunday school-Robby and I don't have to teach in July, but we still have to be there and corral the kids. There were a lot of kiddos today, but things went smoothly so I have no complaints.
  • Pops had one of our favorite meals for lunch today-pizza, and Nonna had made her Jo Powell chocolate cake which is my favorite though I think that I have only made it one or two times. We ate and visited for a bit before heading home. 
  • We weren't home too long before I took Campbell and Keaton to Rock Creek for a Bible study. There were a lot of people there so I know that they had fun. When it was over, they were joined by their brothers and sisters and everyone else for church tonight. 
  • Reagan went out with her friends after church, but the others came home and had a few different things for supper-hot pocket, grilled cheese, english muffin pizza, and bbq nachos. 
  • While they were gone, I would do two things off of tomorrow's list and then read two chapters of my book. It is not the most efficient way to get things done, but it is more fun. I've knocked out much of tomorrow's list so I'm feeling pretty accomplished already.
  • Campbell and Keaton are upstairs packing since they leave tomorrow, and I'm about to try my sourdough bread again. 

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