July 8, 2024

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  • I had some sourdough bread rising last night so one of the first things that I did was bake it this morning. Now, it is fine, and I think that it is pretty close to right, but I don't think that I have it perfected or anywhere close to perfected just yet. Even though, the boys still munched on it all day, and it was gone by supper time.
  • I walked this morning while Robby was mowing. It was pretty steamy out, but later after the rain, it was much more pleasant on my second walk. 
  • This morning we dropped Keaton and Campbell off at church to go to music camp. They are both in Praiseworks this year which is the big kid part of the camp. They are getting to do art and graphic design which I think they are both excited about. 
  • Campbell did write me once from camp asking if Dad had spelled her name wrong or if the camp did it. Her name was spelled "Campell"-I'm sure she will love that, but at her other camp this year she tried to get them to make her name tag say Campbalambadingdong so I don't think she will mind too much.
  • Reagan went to Sonic today to play cards with her friends, and the boys spent a good deal of the day outside playing basketball. They even got Whitman to join them after supper. 
  • This afternoon I worked steadily through this week and last weeks chores, but I also did a lot of reading. It is my summer break as well after all.
  • And speaking of school work on summer break: Whitman and I did his spelling, but I gave him the option about math. I told him that he could do math with me or make cookies with me. He chose cookies-they turned out pretty good, but really flat. I think that when I softened the butter I did it too much or maybe he didn't use enough flour. I was busy making supper at the time so I wasn't really watching. Either way, one pan is almost gone already so I think even though they are flat, they are still decent.

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