July 5, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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Robby woke me up this morning-he was already ready and had just walked out of the bathroom. I was sleeping so soundly that my alarm had been going off for 5 minutes, and I had not heard it at all. Since we had done most things last night, it didn't take long this morning to pull out of the campground. 

We had put the tow dolly beside the camper, and Robby knew when we did it that it would be hard to get back on the camper since it was down a hill. With Anderson and Graham it wouldn't have been an issue, but we struggled plus we weren't able to get it back on the curb. He had to back the camper up to get to the dolly, but then because of the angle he couldn't fasten it on there, so he had to drive forward some so he could do all the things to get it on the hitch properly.

We then dumped and hooked up the car. I also let Bentley potty, but with all of that we were still on the road right at 8. We zoomed on back towards Little Rock. We stopped once for gas and icees near Tulsa possibly. Then we stopped again in Maumelle. While Robby pumped the gas there, I ran in for milk, cheese, and peaches. 

Pops had moved the suburban for us but had also locked the keys in the car. That was good practice for Robby because we don't use AAA anymore and now use another place for all the car things. He called them, and before we could finish with the camper someone had come. I was actually inside-I heard they would be here in 9 minutes, and the next thing I knew, they had already left. It didn't take any time at all, so that was easier than expected.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Whitman told me that we should just rest and not unload the camper today. He was trying to get out of work, and I let him. He has about 1 shirt and 2 pairs of socks that were his in the camper, so I just did his things. Robby and I were both working-he was working on the car and all the outside stuff while I slowly unloaded the camper.

I believe that I did 7 loads of laundry this afternoon-the kid had left some laundry here plus there were their towels. Those 7 are done, and I am now trying to get another 4 done before bedtime. 

Around 7, the campers arrived home. They all had a good time, and everyone talked the whole way home about things. It is always interesting to hear their take on camp. Reagan did say that she is scared of their youth minister. Anderson entered the chess tournament and lost his water bottle, but later it was returned to him-it had been in the senior cabin, Graham was second in almost every thing he did, but he is the tannest of all the Dennie 5, Campbell was second in the girls basketball tournament, and Keaton probably had the most fun out of everyone.

I am glad that they are home, but they all had a wonderful time. Keaton and Campbell will be home for about 72 hours and then they leave again. (Next week when they come home, they will be home for less than 24 hours before leaving again.)

Robby stopped at Sonic on the way home since drinks were requested. He also picked up a few chicken bites which they devoured. 

When they came in, everyone unloaded so now I have a few laundry piles: sheets, 3 loads of clothes, sleeping bags, towels, and blankets. Two loads of clothes are in the washer, and hopefully I can wash towels and sheets before bed tonight since they will need some of them to sleep. 

The kids are now working on showers and catching up on their phones. Reagan is downloading all of her pictures so that will be exciting to see all of her pics. Tomorrow will be day full of laundry around here!

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