Arizona Adventure - Day 4 - April 27, 2010

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What a day this was!  The night was pretty good.  Graham slept in bed with us since there was no pack-n-play and no other bed.  He did pretty good and didn’t seem to keep us from sleeping.  Campbell did wake to eat in the middle of the night but went right back to sleep.  Early in the morning, Reagan sat up and asked for something to eat-Mom got out of bed and handed her a brownie and then went back to bed.  Soon, everyone else was stirring and we were out the door a few minutes early.  This was quite impressive since we had to repack everything to get ready for the plane this afternoon.  Since we arrived at our hotel last night late, we didn’t realize the beautiful golf course surrounding it, along with the mountains of Sedona, until we were leaving this morning.

We drove back through the beautiful rocks of Sedona to catch our Hummer Tour.  Reagan had to make a bathroom stop before we found our tour guide.  We moved 4 car seats from the van to the hummer.  Robby, Reagan and Anderson in the middle seat and Tara, Graham and Campbell in the front seats.  We were picking up another couple and the guide said that the back seats were the bumpiest so we opted to stay out of the back.

We picked up the other passengers-who I am sure were thrilled to see all 4 of our kids.  Our tour was with Sedona Off Road Adventures and we were on the 2 hour Secret Mountain Trail.  We started off just on a gravel road and Tara was questioning what she had really paid for.  But soon the road narrowed and the rocks came.  At one time the Hummer was on 2 wheels.  I had to hold Campbell’s little head during the bumps-meanwhile Graham slept peacefully!  We were climbing up jagged boulders.  You wouldn’t believe it and my pictures can’t describe it.

Anderson sat the entire 2 hours, with his hands holding onto his armrest.  You could hear Reagan and Anderson laughing as hard as the could during the bumps.  Reagan compared it to a “bumpy roller coaster.”  The largest, bumpiest hill we did twice.  And the kids could have done it a few times!  Climbing the rocks was great but the scenery was unbelievable.  If you haven’t been to Sedona-put it on your list.

Our tour guide mentioned a sandwich spot nearby (Sedona Memories Submarines), so we walked there to grab a bite to eat before getting back on the road to Phoenix.  The drive was about 2 hours and we didn’t stop since we had a plane to catch.  Reagan was exhausted and had a few meltdowns on the way there.  Mom and Dad found her meltdowns funny but this just upset her more.  Though, when she was fussing, Graham would stop his crying.  Yes, he doesn’t like his car seat and fusses most of the time screaming “momma no, no momma”  He thinks he should be driving – everytime we stop he wants to get in Robby’s seat and go “bye- bye.”

We made it to the airport with time to spare.  Robby dropped off the car at the rental car place while Tara and the kids hung out waiting on him.  We were through security quickly enough and after a short walk for the kids we were on the plane.  You wouldn’t believe how people fall all over themselves trying to find seats away from us when they see us coming on the plane.  Ha, my babies are excellent travelers-though, Graham may be a bit noisy at times but he is pretty good for a 1 year old.  I forgot to mention that the lady who sat beside us on the way out said that she couldn’t believe she slept the whole flight with 4 kids sitting beside her. 

It is just easier to be the last ones off of the planes with all of our stuff.  By the time we made it to the tram, Robby realized that it was already boarding time for our next flight.  We didn’t know what gate our next flight was leaving from, so we got off at the first tram stop for our terminal-wrong one!  Ha!  We just had 30 gates to walk past-thankfully, the kids sit well in their strollers and the bags all hang on the back.  We made it just in time and were on the plane for Little Rock.  The flight was quick-especially for Campbell and Anderson who slept the entire time. 

James was at the airport ready to pick us up and we were home by 11:30.  The kids were in bed by midnight-we had to give everyone Benadryl.  The boys eczema is pretty bad now, along with 4 runny noses and Anderson has a yucky eye since the dust got in it today.  Our trip was great-4 days, 3 nights, driving 900 miles and seeing most of Arizona!

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