Dennie Kids: April 9, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell waking up to eat around 5 and Graham followed around 6.  Graham did lay very still in Mom and Dad’s bed until Anderson woke up and then everyone was crawling all over everyone
  • Hearing few stories during breakfast and then playing in the den-they played traffic and zoo.  Playing zoo was quite coincidental because soon after April called and asked us to go to the zoo
  • Meeting Jacob and Ethan at the zoo.  The kids pretty much led the way but Reagan was asking about lunch around 11.  We ate our lunch on a pollen covered table which caused Anderson to start scratching!
  • Running by the library on the way home-April had books to drop off too so she stood by our cars while Mom ran in to drop off and check out her books
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then a movie and some snacks before Dad came home
  • Mom having Graham tell Dad about the zoo.  Mom asked if he saw the bears and he said “uh huh” and then he said “hot”-Mom didn’t know what he was talking about until she remembered the bear statue Graham sat on and it was very hot!
  • Picking up a pizza and eating at a park.  The kids wanted to play in the backyard and Mom and Dad wanted to have a Friday night out-so we compromised.  They enjoyed the swings, see saw, merry go round, slide and little walk which made them quite tired
  • Anderson going to bed first since he fussed about going to bed at naptime.  Campbell and Graham followed soon and Reagan is sitting between Mom and Dad and is about to head to bed

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