Dennie Kids: April 15, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • A school morning so everyone slept late-Nonna even called to see if Campbell was coming today
  • Reagan and Anderson did have music together and Graham’s class went outside for 40 minutes so it was a great day!
  • Campbell hanging out with Nonna and Pops-the day consisted of a bath, snoozing with Nonna and snoozing with Pops
  • Dad meeting Mom to pick up the gang-and then we headed to McDonald’s for some ice cream treat (Dad was taking a late lunch!)
  • Going to Nonna’s house to pick up Campbell-since Mom has been feeling lousy the past few days she took a nap on the couch while everyone else played outside.  Nonna has never run as much as she did today-her and Reagan played chase for over an hour!
  • Everyone playing happily in the den-until Campbell received her first injury-a little scratch on her face.  Graham was standing nearby with a guilty look-he had apparently thrown a toy over into the pack-n-play which landed on her little head
  • Once Campbell was calmed, her second injury shortly occurred.  She was on the couch and Anderson bumped her head accidently-she started wailing, Anderson began sobbing, Reagan was crying because she didn’t want to hear all of the fussing and Graham imitated all of the other moaning and fussing!
  • Dad coming home with supper.  After supper, we all sat down to watch a movie that Dad had picked up today.  It is a Disney movie (G-Force) but not that great for our little crew-but they sat still as long as Mom was passing out the popcorn
  • Finishing the movie and heading to bed

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