Dennie Kids: April 23, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone not sleeping in late like Mom thought they should-Campbell, then Anderson…maybe.  Actually, Mom can’t remember who woke up first but Reagan did sleep in pretty late this morning
  • Helping Mom make muffins-we ate the whole package.  Ate is a term Mom uses loosely since we would just take a bite and then ask for another one.  We all had turns-putting the muffin cups in the pan, pouring, stirring and squeezing the batter into the cups. 
  • Playing in the garage while Mom tried to stuff 4 car seats into 2 car seat bags (not possible).  Reagan became bored with the garage action and went inside to watch Campbell sleep.  Graham brought a tiny bouncy ball outside and then bounced it down the driveway, across the street and into the neighbors yard.  Mom was glad that Anderson didn’t see that or he would have become hysterical.  Mom was able to retrieve the ball-so everyone can rest easily
  • Running to Sams to pick up medicine.  It didn’t take long to pick up the medicine so we looked at the cakes and then the toys.  After this we noticed the samples-juice, cookies, fruit, chimichangas, chicken, spirals, burritos and then back to the fruit, cookies and juice.  Anderson would try everything-when Mom would hand him something, he would find a spot to sit, sit down and eat his snack!  Mom wouldn’t let us try to “5 hour energy drink”
  • Dad coming home for lunch and Grannymom and Grandpa coming over to see everyone before our trip.  And then the boys received their “before the trip” haircuts.  Graham is doing much better getting his haircut even though he gets gobs of hair in his mouth
  • Baths for everyone but Campbell (Nonna had given her one yesterday).  The baths ended in Anderson fussing about having to take a nap, Reagan fussing about her knee (she wanted a band aid and Mom wouldn’t get her one quickly enough) and Graham just staring at them.  Needless to say, naptime came much sooner than expected!
  • Campbell smiling and cooing at Mom while everyone else was napping.  She and Mom enjoyed hanging out together before Mom had to get back to packing
  • Reagan waking up first from nap and cuddling with Mom before deciding she would rather sit on the couch with a blanket, candy and movie!  Graham quickly devoured his afternoon candy and came to ask Mom for more.  He has become such a good talker now-or at least Mom can usually figure out what he wants. 
  • Dad coming home and needing to move the riding lawnmower a few feet in the garage-but the kids took this as their opportunity for a little ride!  Everyone had two turns of circling in the yard despite the rain-even had to fill it up with gas!  Campbell and Mom sat on the steps with a bottle
  • Going to Kennedy and Camryn’s house to celebrate Ms. April’s birthday.  Anderson quickly found two cars and was using a rope to tow them.  Reagan enjoyed playing with the same dollhouse that we have at home.  Campbell let Camryn hold her most of the night and during birthday cake time, Mom couldn’t find Graham-he was sitting in his chair patiently waiting on the cake!

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