Dennie Kids: April 11, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and we were all dressed and ready quite early-which was good since we had to pick up our cinni-minis in Bryant
  • Graham going in his class without a fuss-2nd time in a row for Mr. Andy
  • Mom and Dad in Campbell’s class and she was by far the best and prettiest baby there-Mom may be a little biased!
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and after lunch we played outside on the bikes until time to come home for a nap
  • Dad taking everyone to get gas for the van while Mom tried get nap time ready-quite a process since Anderson sleeps in Reagan’s bed and has to move his pillow, Mickey, blanket, taggie and bear to her bed.  Reagan sleeps in Mom’s bed so her taggie, blanket, Minnie, dog, sheep and every other stuffed animal into Mom’s bed
  • Waking up for church-Reagan and Anderson love the Sunday night “coloring class” and after church there were cookies and drinks upstairs!  Who could ask for more!

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