Dennie Kids: April 1, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell sleeping until 6:30 this morning-that is great considering that she ate at 9 last night!  That is a long time for a little tummy to go without eating
  • School morning but today was the day of the big Easter egg hunt so everyone was ready to go
  • Campbell going to Nonna and Pops house-Mom can always tell when she has spent the day with the grandparents-she is a little needier during the evening and wants to be held! (that’s okay though)
  • Everyone coming home with way more eggs than Mom sent.  The baskets were full and Graham demanded to carry his extremely full basket along with his backpack and lunch box to the car.  He made it without spilling an egg!  And was furious when Mom took the basket away from him to get into the car.  He screamed so loudly that people were looking!
  • Anderson telling Mom that T. got into trouble at school today because “he tried to eat Ms. Mary but he missed and ate hisself”
  • Reagan worring that Mom was going to get a ticket on the way to Nonna’s house.  Mom has told her that if you get a ticket you have to pay up or you go to jail.  Reagan made sure to ask Mom if she had any money.  Mom exclaimed that she would have a few days to send the money in!
  • Opening all of our Easter eggs at Nonna and Pop’s house-Graham ate everyone piece of candy that he could get his hands on.  They racked up on their candy today.  Then they dyed Easter eggs with Nonna.  Anderson did a few then he was done, Graham could have played forever in the dye and Reagan realized that if she left hers in the dye they would be darker (so they are still soaking at Nonna’s house)
  • Coming home and supper for everyone
  • Mom and Campbell going to church for dress rehearsal for the Kingdom.  Campbell is Baby Jesus #3.  They just picked someone to go tonight and they picked the Sunday night baby which was Campbell.  I could tell that she was fussy and hungry but since she never really cries, I didn’t say anything.  But she did cry tonight!  Poor Joseph, trying to sing and hold a strange crying baby-I guess that is the best practice you can have!
  • Everyone going to bed at a decent hour-except Reagan and Anderson keep wanting Mom to tell them every single thing that is going to happen tomorrow.  Scream Report: Graham is screaming less each night now.  We are down to screaming about 5-10 minutes.

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