Dennie Kids: April 5, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Grannymom coming to get Reagan, Anderson and Graham early this morning so they could watch the tree man cut down their trees.  They loved watching it!
  • Campbell and Mom working in Anderson’s closet-Anderson is all ready for summer now.  Campbell is a great helper.  She watches Mom for a bit and then falls asleep-she did this while Mom was in Anderson’s closet, emptying the dishes, on the treadmill and while Mom was ironing
  • The kids trying out their new kites from the Easter bunny with Grannymom.  They were a big hit even though they didn’t go that high.  Grannymom said that Graham tried just as hard as Reagan and Anderson did
  • Everyone coming home to cool off and watch a movie before nap.  Anderson did NOT want to take a nap and he was rather distracting to Reagan.  Graham and Campbell slept through it all.  They all did finally sleep for a long while
  • Dad coming home and helping Mom cook supper.  Dad told Anderson that if he ate his food he could go and ride on the “tractor”-needless to say they all cleaned their plates.  Graham would run as far away from it as he could, until it was his turn and then he was clamoring to get on
  • Baths and a quick movie before bedtime

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