June 30, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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Robby and I woke up this morning and went to the farmer's market right down the road. We drove and took Bentley with us, but we could have walked it was so close. It was a fairly small market, but we still left with 4 scones, 1 jar of bbq sauce, 1 jar of mango salsa, and another jar of dill pickle salsa. Robby had already eaten breakfast, but he still came home and had a bit of a chocolate scone. I finished off a orange cranberry scone, and it was absolutely delicious. 

After our breakfast, we went on our first walk of the day. Yesterday, when we were getting in the camper from the griddle thing, I quickly noticed that my watch was not on my arm. It had fallen off and could had been anywhere, but thankfully, it was laying right outside my car door. The band had somehow broken, so my morning was spent not able to track my walks. Probably getting a little sun on my white wrist was good.

We had sandwiches for lunch, and then headed off to Crystal Bridges. We have been there before but will have to go back since it looked to me like they were building 3 new buildings. We walked around the place seeing all of the art. The most impressive was a room filled with mirrors and glowing spheres that we walked into. 

Next, we walked around on some of the trails outside, but most were closed due to the recent tornado We had a bit of time before our tour so we sat and had some type of strawberry drink-it was kind of like frozen strawberry milk. It definitely quenched our thirst.

The last time that we were here, we were not able to get tickets to go inside of the Frank Lloyd Wright house, the Bachman-Wilson house. If you ask us any to name any architect, I could only come up with Wright's name, but really I haven't been too impressed with any of his houses that we have seen (we have never been inside of one and have not seen Falling Water.)

However, I was super impressed and would like a Frank Lloyd Wright house. The front of the house was fairly windowless, but once inside the great room one wall was solid windows. We had things to listen to as we went through the house so that made it even more interesting. One interesting tidbit was that Wright did not include attics or basements in his houses so people would have less stuff.

Before we left the grounds, I had already requested a few library books about Wright, and Robby and I are watching a documentary about him as I'm working on this blog. 

On the way home from Crystal Bridges, we picked up supper from Orange Panda. We also ran by an Amazon box and picked up a few things that Robby had ordered (including a new watch band for me). We came back and ate and rested for a little bit.

Then Robby and I took another walk-longer this evening than this morning. Now we are settled in for the evening-ice cream will happen after the documentary.

The kids at home woke up and made it to church in plenty of time. Then Keaton and Campbell had a meeting about their next camp while Reagan went with a friend to eat at Texas Roadhouse-she got a salad! At least she had some rolls too-I tried to convince her to get a baked potato since a salad and baked potato are my favorite things from there..and the rolls, of course, the rolls.

Anderson and Campbell went back to the house and finished up their packing. I am sure that quite a few of the kids had a nap this afternoon. They have to be at Rock Creek at 9:30 and then drive through the night for a week at Beach Camp.

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