Dennie Kids: September 11, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A lazy morning around here with Dad working from home
  • Reagan and Anderson still playing with all of their toys while Graham walked from the living room to the den carrying toys and squealing
  • Playing at Grannymom and Grandpa's house while Mom had a doctor's appointment (click here for that post)
  • Graham and Reagan devouring peaches and Anderson deciding that it was too hot to play outside and asking to come in
  • Naps for everyone and then Reagan waking up in time to help Mom make her birthday cake
  • Graham waking up and snacking on Mom's crumbs and then Anderson waking up and helping Reagan make the Minnie Mouse ice cream (and Mom had one sticky mess on her table)
  • Supper and then playing until bathtime
  • A movie for Reagan and Anderson and a bath for Graham
  • After Graham went to bed, then Reagan and Anderson had their baths and laid in bed with Dad watching a tape of the space shuttle
  • Anderson didn't want to go to bed because he wanted to finish watching the shuttle and Reagan was ready to go to bed so she could wake up and it be her birthday
  • Anderson saying that he was going to be the birthday boy tomorrow

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