Dennie Kids: September 28, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • After waking up early during the weekend, everyone sleeping until well after 7
  • Graham being very fussy this morning-very fussy!
  • Reagan and Anderson playing downstairs while Mom worked upstairs
  • A long morning nap for Graham-it was an early nap too!
  • Reagan starting work on our rainbow family night-she picked out our clothes to wear: Mom-red, Anderson-orange, Dad-yellow, Graham-green and Reagan-purple
  • Dad coming home from lunch and Anderson noticing that he didn't stop at the stop sign when he left-so we spent the next 30 minutes watching to make sure that the cars stopped at the stop sign
  • Everyone working on making the rainbow cake-complete with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple cake inside. This was quite a mess but they loved sampling it-yes, it had raw eggs in it (we live on the edge at the Dennie house)
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-including Mom!
  • Back to work on rainbow night after we woke up-we had to make our sign and decorate the driveway with rainbows
  • Dad coming home and starting rainbow night
  • Our first official "family night" was rainbow night. The kids were so excited and sang "rainbow night, rainbow night" over and over all afternoon long. Reagan had planned our clothes so we would all look like rainbows. We had worked on the cake and Mom had even added a rainbow on top to complete the rainbow theme. Anderson enjoyed supervising making the sign and Reagan took it so seriously-placing each square just where it belonged. The driveway was even decorated with rainbows made of chalk. Reagan and Anderson sat the table with our rainbow cups, plates, napkins and spoons. Supper was even shaped like a rainbow. After eating our supper and dessert, we started playing our game: a rainbow scavenger hunt. Reagan and Anderson were so into finding toys with each of the rainbow colors. Reagan could have played forever but Anderson was easily distracted after the first game. And Graham just sat in the living room and played with all of the toys they brought him. It was a good "rainbow night" and the kids had a blast
  • Next we viewed our pictures on the tv and then changed into our pajamas
  • Afterwards, Graham headed to bed and Reagan and Anderson watched a movie...or two!

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