September 2, 2009 - Niagara Falls

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Oh, I forgot. Yesterday, when we were at a rest stop and a preteen girl was in line for food with Robby. She pointed to his shirt-which had a small Razorback on it and asked "you got pigs?" Robby tried to politely explain that he was not a pig farmer but an Arkansas Razorback fan. She apparently had never heard of our beloved hogs.

The morning started out early but everyone had rested well. We were dressed and eating breakfast by 8:15. The breakfast was a little light-only little muffins and cereal, but the kids enjoyed it. After a run down Clifton Hill, we were had gotten our tickets and pottied before boarding the Maid of the Mist. We were so close to passing a huge Chinese tour group but didn't make it. So we were in the back of the line-a blessing in disguise. If we had beat them, we would have been up on the top deck but we couldn't find a spot up there so we headed down low. The kids could see and we didn't end up drenched. Reagan and Anderson loved the ponchos and even getting a little wet-Graham was not pleased by any of this!

Afterward, we walked through the spray of the fall on our way to the Journey Behind the Falls. We skipped the wet part and just looked out the window behind the falls. Graham did enjoy this-it was noisy so he decided he wanted to be noisy too. Next was to Niagara's Fury-a 4D movie. This involved more ponchos but we had been tipped off to stay in the middle so we didn't get wet. The film started out going pitch black-luckily Mom was near Reagan and Anderson and Dad had a grip on Graham's stroller. The noises were loud, light flashing and real water spraying. Anderson came close to falling apart but he did good and they both enjoyed how the movie started off with snow. Robby went to get the car while we waited in a grassy area for him-they ran and played before the much anticipated next stop.

The Butterfly Conservatory. Our first stop there was a picnic lunch. The signs said no picnicing, so we went to the other side of the parking lot where there was no signs. It was a perfect spot until the maintanance man started mowing near us! We then walked to the butterfly place and Reagan immediately started asking when the butterflies would land on her. This was after the whole morning spent asking Mom if her pink dress was a bright color (Mom had told her that butterflies land on ligth colors) It was going to be a major deal if they didn't. Mom and Dad were both praying hard while Dad would have paid any amount of money to get a butterfly to land on her. After much trying and praying that blessed butterfly did land right on her hand-perfect. If it would have landed anywhere else she probably wouldn't have seen it. Obviously, one butterfly wasn't enough so to curb a meltdown we worked and prayed until another butterfly landed on her (Mom actually illegally picked this one up and handed it to her). Meanwhile, Anderson was happily watching the butterflies in his own way-swatting at them, trying to stomp on them and even shaking the plants that they had landed in. He did come to us once and say that a butterfly had landed on him-may it rest in peace!

Our final Niagara stop was the White Water Walk. We took the elevator down to the rapids and walked along the boardwalk beside the rapids. The kids asked if we were moving. Graham enjoyed standing looking at the water as well. It was a great stop right before nap since everyone was able to walk for a few minutes-even though Mom did have to pull a tired Anderson back up the boardwalk. Afterward, we were back in the car for another few miles-270.

We had to make a few potty stops and even found a McDonalds for supper. We ate outside and then the kids played and played on the slides while Dad ran to buy some more groceries for breakfast in the morning. By then, Graham had had enough of the car and was making it known to the rest of us. We eventually had to stop for a roadside spanking-no, we gave him teething tablets, changed his shirt and diaper, tried to give him some milk or coke or anything that would calm him down. But after his meltdown he soon fell asleep in the car-he had only a 30 minute nap earlier. We arrived at the hotel around 9 and Mom and Dad went into unpack/repack mode. By the time the luggage cart was returned, the bags were unpacked and reloaded for tomorrow, pajamas and tomorrow's clothes out, dishes washed and ice chest emptied and bathwater in the tub.

Anderson had his meltdown in the bathtub. After splashing Mom he was told he would have to get out first and things just went downhill from there. He eventually calmed down and everoyne found their night time spots. Now everyone is laying in bed and Anderson just laughed outloud-crazy kid. What could he be laughing at? Tomorrow is Gettysburg and Hershey.

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