September 6, 2009 - New York City

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After another hotel breakfast, we were off to NYC. We were about 1.5 hours away and then kids passed the time by watching a few movies and Graham slept. After one quick potty stop, we were still ahead of schedule and decided to drive a few miles out of our way to see the New Jersey State Capitol in Trenton. One quick picture and we were back in the car.

We made it to Liberty State Park on the New Jersey side where we caught the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. The weather seemed a little cool so we threw the kids coats in the strollers but didn't need them. The kids were adamant that we ride on the top deck of the boat. Once we started moving, Anderson went to the bench and sat down. He thought it was a rule-like on the airplane. He was delighted that he could get up and walk around. They loved seeing the skyscrapers, boats and buoys (or boobies as Anderson said). Soon they could see the Statue of Liberty and were thrilled. The boat stopped at Ellis Island but we stayed on to get the to the main event.

We went straight to the security line to get to the top of the pedestal. It was only a short elevator ride away-if the elevator had been working! It was not working today so we hauled it up 156 stairs. Reagan and Anderson were troopers and never even asked to be held. Once on top, we were able to look up Lady Liberty's nose and gown. Reagan was ready for some ice cream by the time we walked down those steps so after retrieving our bag and stroller we had a snack. We found a spot to sit and watch the boats as we finished our ice cream. Then we few pictures and we headed back to the ferry. The line to get the NY side was 2-3 hours long containing hundreds and hundreds of people. And we just walked right on our boat!

Back at the van, we had our picnic lunch and headed on to the Holland Tunnel to get into the city. Robby had found a great parking deal and it happened to be right between Times Square and Central Park-our 2 destination spots. We loaded everyone up in the strollers and headed down. A block from the parking garage, just as we were trying to get our bearings we saw David Letterman's theater and knew just where we were. The lights, sounds and sights were always interesting in Time Square but watching the kids take it all in was amazing. They didn't blink once. We passed the Hershey store and went into Toys R Us and the M&M store. Tara's popcorn store was closed so she was very disappointed but Robby found his Ray's Pizza. Everyone gobbled up the pizza-especially Mom and Dad since they had lots of walking to do (we walked well over 32 NY blocks pushing strollers).

Central Park was next and the first thing the kids saw was a slide. They were off to slide and swing and could have stayed there all evening. We drug them away and kept exploring the park. We saw more of Central Park than we had in the past but still probably only covered close to a 1/4 of the park. We did manage to find the perfect spot for a back picture and even a few tunnels to run under. Reagan and Anderson were running ahead of us and she saw a man with purple hair and stopped, pointed no less than 3 feet from the man and exclaimed "purple hair!" Nice! Before trying to find our way out, we did find one more playground for them to explore. We then walked and walked trying to cross the park to get to our subway stop.

Anderson was so excited to ride the subway, so we had to do it-even though we were only on it for 1 stop. The kids took it very seriously-staying by Mom, holding on-they are good kids. Anderson could have rode the subway all night but Mom and Dad were exhausted. Graham kept waving bye-bye to all the passing subway cars. After a short trek up the subway steps we found our parking garage and headed out of the city. We left through the Lincoln Tunnel and were on the road shortly.

After a few more movies and a gas/bathroom , we were back at the hotel. We had to unpack from the day and then repack since tonight is our last night in this hotel. After quick baths the kids were zonked out (well, all but one!).

I forgot to mention yesterday, that Reagan told Robby that her foot was hurting. He thought something was in her shoe and was taking off her shoes and socks. Nothing was in them and he was puzzled. We finally realized that the poor baby was trying to say that her feet were sore. Lots of walking but lots memories! Our "Amazing Race with Toddlers" continues tomorrow with Sesame Place and breakfast with Elmo.

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