Dennie Kids: September 29, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Last night, Mom and Dad checked in on Graham and Dad wondered how he could be comfortable sleeping like he was. Then, they checked on Anderson and he was sleeping sideways with one foot resting on the railing-rainbow night must have worn him out
  • Baths this morning before school-since it worked so well before church we thought we would try it again.
  • Everyone out the door on time-and then there was traffic
  • Graham jumping out of Mom's arms this morning and into Ms. Clarice's arms-he was still a little fussy though
  • Reagan all excited about playing "ice cream shop" with her friends at school
  • Anderson telling Mom that he didn't have a good day but had a bad day at school-Mom doesn't believe him
  • Playing outside when we came home-perfect weather
  • A nap for Graham and a few movies for Reagan and Anderson
  • Out to eat for supper at Chili's-we even split some cake and it was yummy!
  • Taking Graham's pictures and video before heading to bed

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