Dennie Kids: September 30, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The day started off fussy around here and was pretty fussy for most of the day
  • Mom spent the morning looking for clothes so everyone could have nice clothes for pictures day (picture day at school is "dressy and shoes will show"-a little uppity if you ask Mom)
  • Mom pulling everyone together long enough to run to the grocery store and we ran into Reagan's friend from school. Reagan said that was her favorite part of the day
  • Back home and a nap for Graham while Nonna came over to play for a little bit
  • Anderson started to get clingy and whiney, Graham followed and Reagan was not far behind in the fussy department
  • Lunch with Dad and Nonna and then another quick rest for Graham-too fussy to stay awake!
  • Mom explaining very clearly what would happen if there was fussing while she was getting her haircut-and there was not any. Everyone was able to get a lollipop from Ms. Tammy and a juice box from Mom. Mom was very relieved!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then Reagan waking up early
  • Mom looking at the clock and having to rush out the door to head to church
  • Eating supper with Nonna, Jason and Jacob-we love Wednesday night supper and especially getting to run on the Awana circle
  • Awanas for Reagan-she had a blast, Anderson was a little pouty when we dropped him off and told Mom that a boy hit him and he cried in his class. Mom dug a little deeper and did find out that the boy got into trouble. Dad having to pick up Graham from his class since he was still fussing! Dad might have mentioned to his teachers why Graham didn't like his class too...
  • A book before bed and then Dad remembering that we hadn't had any pictures

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