September 7, 2009 - Sesame Place

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We slept a few minutes late so we really moved when we finally started stirring. We loaded up our suitcases and checked out of the hotel. After a short drive, we made it-and we even made it very early. So early in fact that we were the first ones in the parking lot. It was a cool morning so everyone put their jackets on and we walked to the front gates of the park.

After the gates opened for the breakfast people, we took a few pictures at the front and found our table. We were table #1 and when you walked into the room there were lots of characters to see. We hugged Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and Zoie. Reagan and Anderson are pros at taking pictures with characters but Graham did not enjoy it at all. Nor could he really enjoy breakfast since he was so worried that a character was going to come to visit our table.

Breakfast was bagels, eggs, tater tots, french toast sticks, sausage, bacon, cereals and juices. It was decent and by the time we had seen everyone and even went back to see them one more time, the park was open and we headed out for the day. The first ride was the roller coaster. Since Tara, IV and Graham couldn't ride this one-Anderson rode first with Dad and then Reagan rode next. They loved it and both came out asking to go again. It seemed to be larger than the ones at the Disney parks.

Next we headed the Elmo "dumbo-like" ride and we had to switch off again since there could only be 2 in a car. So Graham got left out of this one too. He didn't care and by then he was getting sleepy. There were 2 large slides that Reagan and Anderson climbed up and slid down a few times before riding the bug ride with Mom. The next highlight was Elmo's Blastoff which they rode with Dad. I didn't think they would do it and Anderson said he wasn't going to but soon they were all on the ride. Anderson and Reagan both had the biggest smile on their faces and Dad said that they giggled the whole time.

Next we headed to the bouncy area. They loved it too and Graham was snoozing happily in his stroller. He has been in the stroller so much this week that we can tell exactly when he is going to sleep because he turns his head all the way to the side before falling asleep. There was Big Bird's balloon race next and then some climbing on the ropes. Anderson loved the climbing but Reagan was afraid but still wanted to do it.

Snack time was next with ice cream and coke. We were right beside the Abby Cadabby show so we saw it. Reagan was so excited to see Abby and Oscar the Grouch was in this and Anderson had been asking to see him. After the show, we knew it was time to put on our bathing suits. But it was still cloudy and a little cool out so we weren't look forward to being cole. Robby also has been fighting a cold and started having a bit of fever last night. By this time, his fever was back and he was dragging.

We walked to one area but the kids wanted to do the waterslides. They have this huge water play and water slide area at Sesame Place. The kids would have loved the waterslides since they were ones they could easily do but the water was freezing. Tara waded through the water and took them to the steps but since there was water spraying and being dumped from everywhere Anderson and Reagan were freezing and crying. Mom had to walk back from the bottom of the slide to meet them at the steps. They were very upset-I hated it because they would have loved it if it had been warmer outside. Tara finally convinced Reagan that she would go with her and we were almost there when a gizzilion galloons of water dumped on our head-Reagan again started crying and Tara was close to tears too since the water was so cold.

Graham was taking another nap by now and Robby was sitting since he wasn't feeling too well. Robby did remember the other water slide near the Elmo dumbo ride. It was in a little pool with no spraying/dumping water. They enjoyed doing it a few times and even felt like they had gotten to go down a water slide. Reagan and Anderson then changed clothes outside since the bathroom was wet and wild. Tara waited in line with them for the Elmo's Blast Off ride (their favorite!) one last time. At the gate, Robby switched and rode with them. Reagan would have rode without Robby but Anderson wanted his Daddy on the ride with him.

Tara was still a little disappointed that they didn't get to go down a big water slide and Robby was a little disappointed that he felt sick and couldn't help them and Graham was a little disappointed that all he was able to do at Sesame Place was nap. But Reagan and Anderson had a wonderful time and the day met all of their expectations which is all that really matters.

Around 3:30 we were headed out of the park while the parade was getting ready to start. We all had a snack in the car and Tara drove the infirmary van to the next hotel. Everyone was asleep in the car in a matter of minutes. Tara and Reagan were the only healthy ones-even though they have had a tiny cold too. Robby had his fever and Graham and Anderson have new coughs when they are sleeping. It was an entertaining ride for Tara-snore, cough, cough, snore, cough, snore. Needless to say, there will be lots of doctor's appointments made for Wednesday! The ride to the hotel was a little over an hour and by then Robby's medicine had kicked in and he was feeling better.

After Tara unpacked and Robby rested for a few minutes, he was ready to hit the rode again for supper. We drove through the hood here in Allentown but soon found some eating choices on the other side of town. We had sandwiches at Arby's and the kids must have been hungry because they ate very well. Back at the hotel, Anderson took a bath by himself and was probably in the bathtub for 30 minutes. This might possibly have been his first solo bath. Next was Reagan's turn and she would have been in there that long but Mom had to rush her out to get Graham in since he was getting restless.

Reagan and Anderson are watching Veggie Tales now and Graham is sleeping in the bathroom. We don't expect that to last though since he has been sleeping with Mom most of the trip. He knows right when Mom and Dad go to bed and wakes up then. He may sleep well in Mom's bed but he tosses and turns forever so Mom doesn't sleep that well. No worries though, everyone is feeling well rested and healthy right now.

Tomorrow is our last day and we have quite a bit of driving and things to do before heading to the airport. We should be home in Little Rock around midnight! It has been a great trip and we have seen and done lots and lots of things. Robby said that our album may have to be 2 volumes.

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Our Family said...

Wow! Sounds like a great time. ha ha. Yesterday I was thinking... NYC with the kids could be fun. Now i'm thinking NO WAY!! sick and travel= YUCK. Sadly Chris and I did get a few good laughs from the day's summary. Hope tomorrow is uneventful.