Dennie Kids: September 12, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Anderson popping out of bed first this morning asking "today's Reagan's birthday?"-Mom was actually the first one up. She woke up and started working while it was still dark outside
  • Mom, Dad and Anderson taking a cake into Reagan's room and she blew out the candles before she got out of bed
  • Cake and bananas for breakfast
  • Putting on our clothes and heading out-Graham to Grannymoms, Anderson and Reagan to Nonnas while Mom, Dad and Pops got the party ready
  • Reagan celebrating her 4th birthday party at the diner at church with a Minnie Mouse party with Anderson, Graham, Lilly, Cash, Kaleigh, Maddie, Jacob, Caleb, Will, Shayla and Elizabeth along with Jenna, Dana, Brad, Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops, Mom and Dad
  • Making Minnie Mouse cups, eating pizza, opening presents, eating cake, hitting a pinata and even playing on the playground. The kids loved the pinata!
  • Dad letting Reagan and Anderson let go of the balloons so the sky could celebrate her birthday too (good idea-this way Mom doesn't have 20 balloons in the house, only 2)
  • Heading home after the party, Reagan had forgotten about the presents and was only concerned about her goodie bag when we came home-Mom should have just hid the presents for Christmas because we don't think she would have remembered-the poor thing was just so happy with her bar of soap and Minnie necklace from her goodie bag
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-the kids were tired and Dad is still recovering-Mom ran to Sams for a wild goose chase for Dad's medicine
  • Waking up to go to Mom and Dad's Sunday School party. Rachel, Zach and Sara Ashley played with the kids. Graham's favorite thing to do was sit on the table and throw Kim's oranges
  • Everyone coming home and going straight to bed-even Mom and Dad!

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