Dennie Kids: September 24, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Usually everyone sleep in on a school day but Reagan and Anderson were up and going strong before 7
  • Anderson asking Mom if they could go and eat ice cream at McDonalds after school-he told her that Dad takes them
  • Graham not fussing too much this morning at school-Ms. Clarice gives him his milk to calm him down (Mom should start sending more milk since that is why he is so thirsty when he gets home)
  • Mom not wanting to be outdone by Dad so she took them to McDonalds-everyone sat very well but Graham and Mom were the only ones that finished their ice cream
  • Another nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson made jello, cleaned out the wrapping paper boxes and worked on Reagan's Awana notebook
  • The kids helping to make rice before waiting on Dad outside in the rain-Graham squealed just as loud as Reagan and Anderson
  • Supper and a few spankings-Anderson has been having a hard time obeying lately!
  • Pajamas and then everyone playing in the den until bedtime

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