Dennie Kids: September 17, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another school day-we were more on time today but Graham still doesn't like the place at all (at least in the mornings)
  • Anderson getting an accident report-he had fallen and hit his back in the bathroom door. He said that he cried but was all better now
  • Graham seeming happy this afternoon when Mom picked him up and Reagan was happy too-until she started fussing about something and Mom opened the van door and told her that she could just stay at school (she quickly stopped fussing-or at least did so silently)
  • Coming home and playing all afternoon long
  • Reagan excitedly trying on her new Awana vest and her and Anderson learning Reagan's new Bible verse
  • Graham taking a short afternoon nap-and he needed it
  • A hot dog supper at Target while Mom finished up her Target shopping for the week
  • Reagan and Anderson seeing a taxi while at Target-they kept asking how it got here. We finally realized they thought that taxi was from NYC
  • Coming home and staying right by Mom and Dad-wherever they went, we went, all of us!

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