Dennie Kids: October 1, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Getting ready for school this morning-picture day so that meant fancy clothes and baths!
  • Graham not crying when Ms. Clarice took him this morning-Graham may not love her yet but Mom sure does
  • Everyone taking their pictures first thing this morning-Reagan and Anderson smiled and they said that Graham fussed a tiny bit. Anderson just asked why the photographer had a big camera
  • Mom picking everyone up-they had taken Graham temp and he had some and Anderson felt a little warm. After a snack and drink, everyone is doing good
  • Anderson telling Reagan on the way home "you have loooong panties" (pantyhose)
  • A nap for Graham while everyone else read Reagan's Awana's stuff
  • Playing outside until Reagan fell - she got scraped up pretty good and a pretty big knot on her forehead; she's a trooper though and held the ice pack on for awhile
  • Eating supper and Popsicles - those always help with cuts and scrapes
  • Playing with Dad while Mom went to class meeting; watching a movie on the couch. Graham must be a little sick because he let Dad just hold him for the longest before wanting to go to bed
  • Anderson going to get milk in the fridge but didn't find any but did find the cookie dough and helped himself before Dad and Reagan made it to the kitchen
  • To bed at 8:15 - we were really tired (and haven't made a peep since going to bed - so they were really tired.)

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