Dennie Kids: October 10, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another garage sale day but with better weather this morning
  • Graham being the first to decide to come outside after his morning banana
  • Reagan and Anderson getting ready and heading out to McDonalds to play and eat pancakes (who knew they liked them so much!)
  • Lots of playing with Lilly and Cash outside and inside and everyone taking a long walk with Grannymom
  • Helping load the truck and then visiting with Jason for a few minutes before lunch
  • Quick afternoon naps and then waking up to head to Noah's birthday party
  • Riding our bikes in the parking lot at church-Reagan and Anderson would go around the circle and just wave at Mom. Anderson loved riding beside Mr. Ralph. Graham tried to chase Reagan and Anderson but eventually gave up and found him something to ride on (or at least sit on)
  • Eating cake and watching Noah open his presents
  • Another ride around the parking lot and then eating supper with Ms. Laryn and Sarah Ashley and a few other people at American Pie
  • Brownies at Ms. Laryns house-Graham enjoyed the audience and loved showing off his "touchdown"
  • A quiet van on the way home since everyone was very sleepy

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