Dennie Kids: October 3, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Continuing our Saturday morning tradition-breakfast at McDonalds. They play while Dad gets the food and then have to sit and eat. Reagan and Anderson shouting to each other "lunch is here" when Dad came in with the food
  • Running a few errands-Mom spent lots of money at Target-much more than her normal 82 cents anyway. And it made her feel lots better!
  • A nap for Graham when we came home and then Reagan and Anderson playing, watching football and waiting on our pizza lunch
  • Graham waking up and hearing an announcer on tv say "touchdown" and he raised his hands and shouted "touchdown" too
  • Finally lunch around 2 and then heading to the park
  • Everyone enjoying playing outside-Anderson loved going around the circle and Graham learned how to climb up and slide down by himself (well, with a little help from Mom)
  • Afternoon naps for all while Dad ran a little on the treadmill
  • Mom having to leave for a wedding shower while the gang had pb&j and some bananas
  • Hanging with Dad while cheering on the Hogs!

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