Dennie Kids: October 9, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • An early morning since it was garage sale day around here
  • Graham waking up first and not wanting to leave the garage all day
  • Anderson and Reagan followed and stayed in their pajamas until after nap
  • Everyone having a blast playing with all of the "for sale" toys-especially the one's from Lilly and Cash's house
  • "Two grandmothers" coming over which delighted everybody
  • A nap for Graham while Mom went to her doctor's appointment to check on IV (click here for the details)
  • Lunch for everyone during the rain showers
  • More playing in the garage and then naps for all
  • Anderson thinking we were going to have to ride our bikes to Noah's party at church-he said "that's a long ways"
  • Reagan and Anderson getting into lots of trouble this afternoon while Mom was on the phone with Dad
  • Out to eat at El Chico and the kids were perfect until we went to Krogers for a quick milk/coupon run
  • Everyone disappointed since they didn't get to look at the trains, buy a snack (because of their behavior) and had to go to bed early-but they soon forgot about it!

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