Dennie Kids: October 12, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Oh, a busy day at the Dennie house but Graham did sleep until after 8:30
  • Reagan and Anderson watching movies laying in bed with Mom most of the morning-well, until Graham woke up
  • Breakfast downstairs and then everyone back upstairs to begin the days tasks: Cleaning out Reagan's room, making room for Anderson in her room and switching out her summer and winter clothes
  • Everyone helping and with so much "help" Mom decided to move everything out of the room and work with a clean slate
  • A nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson found their bathing suits and started "swimming" in the sea of clothes all over Mom's floor
  • Dad coming home for lunch while Mom worked a little more-mostly picking up 200 hangers that were dumped in the floor
  • Mom finishing while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie and Graham followed Mom around crying!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-we were all tired
  • Reagan and Graham waking up first and she helped Mom wrap a few birthday presents 
  • Tacos for supper and then everyone riding to the store so Dad could run in a grab a few gallons of milk
  • Everyone staying in the car during our errand run-since Mom didn't have any shoes, Reagan had on her gown and the boys were only wearing their pajama shirts
  • Brownies for snack then everyone off to bed

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